Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shortcuts this way!

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Shortcuts, they make life easier, a lot easier. While it is true that we all know the most popular ones, like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X etc. But do you know what Win + E does? No? Let’s find out! Presenting some shortcuts that may be unknown to you, but will be very useful.

1. Win + E : Opens windows explorer. Saves you from clicking on MyPC
2. Ctrl + Y : Redo, well you can say it’s the brother of Crtl + Z
3. Shift + Ctrl + N : Voila! , New Folder created
4. Win + Pause/Break : System Information, and if you are using Windows 8 or 8.1, just press Win + X and select system
5. Alt + Tab : Switch between running programs on Windows
6. Win + Tab : Closely related to the previous one, this adds a bit of drama (read animation) to it!
7. Win + Arrow Keys : Left, Right, Minimize, Maximize
8. Alt + Print Screen : Takes the Snapshot of the active window

There are many more, know some of them? Do share them at our Facebook Page here

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