Friday, January 24, 2014

Setting Up Your Browser

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Well this may sound as a repetition to the blog post ‘Browser for Law Students’ but trust me its not. We continue here what we left over there and thus recommend reading that blog post and then coming here even if you are not a law student there is some real good stuff over there. However you may want to check out that post also as we won’t be repeating the addons and scripts mentioned in that post again over here.

1) Block those Ads and Annoying Popups :- Ok most of you would be knowing about this but still for the heck of it install AdBlock , AdblockPlus and PoperBlocker in Chrome. Yes install all 3 until you have some dirt cheap laptop running on low memory otherwise install Poper Blocker and either of the two AdBlock or AdBlockPlus. In Firefox install AdBlockPlus and AdBlockPlus Pop-up Addon.

2) Better Youtube – Install Speedbit Video Accelerator to eliminate buffering of videos. (Be careful what you agree to heck you are a law student. Software tries to install third party software and change your homepage etc amongst other things.)  Use this script to download videos from Youtube and this to download subtitles and this for theatre mode, quality selector, stop buffering, forward, backward buttons and much much more. (Unless you know what you are doing install Tampermonkey in Chrome , Greasemonkey in Firefox and Greasekit in Safari Before installing any script.) Firefox users install BYTubeD to batch download Youtube videos or playlists. (Note – Yes its discontinued but it still works on 99% of videos.)

3)  Better Facebook – Tell me honestly how many times have you fell in the trap of turning Facebook to red or green and then eventually ending in spamming people. Well use this script to change Facebook’s theme, full size image on hovering them, hide parts of page, filter news feed and much more than you will ever need.

4) Better Web – This script automatically changes to SSL encryption on many daily used known sites. This script removes the delay in navigating to the download links on many upload sites such as Rapishare, 4shared etc.  As a law student you feel obliged to write nothing less than 500 words in a comment but often when you click post on the Times of India website the page reloads and the text is gone. Now no more use this script to retains text entered into textareas. Use this script to click simple text URL into clickable links. This script to avoid links or other paid link redirectors.

5) Panic Button – Use this chrome extension to hide all your tabs at once with one single button and restore them later. Might come in handy during those incognito modes!

Note – Some of the scripts may be browser, plugin specific and may not work on all browsers. Kindly check the compatibility of script prior to its installation.

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