Sunday, November 23, 2014

F.lux, forget eye strain

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Another all nighter? Hundred pages to read and eyes wanting sleep. In addition, your body demands that it is time that the burning sensation comes to an end.
The best is to have anti-glare glasses. However, that is not all. You can combine the best of technology to get amazing results. The solution is f.lux . A software that ‘makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.’

Flux - Late Night Work

So no more itchy eyes, longer reading, better productivity and yes, better vision. Free of cost, flux is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iphone and ipad.
Connect your computer, with the nature.
‘f.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you're in, all the time. When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again.
Tell f.lux what kind of lighting you have, and where you live. Then forget about it. f.lux will do the rest, automatically.’
And yes, do share your experience. Sharing is caring :)

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cooperate to Dominate - Class Notes Online

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Don’t’ go the Photocopier. Don’t loiter around girls’ hostel (at least for notes). All that has come to change.

Saving you time, effort and paisa! Here is something which everyone searches for but rarely gets on the internet (unlike certain other stuff). Point Noted

Yes, class notes for you, class notes for us. And if you have been reading us for a while, you know the line. Sharing is caring J So contribute and enjoy the fruit.

Law of Torts, Contract, Jurisprudence, and even Constitutional Law! Starting out small, to help the junta to clear their exams. Point Noted is here.

Point Noted in short is our series of digitized (yes, typed not handwritten) comprehensive notes. Currently we have notes on:-

  • Jurisprudence
  • Constitution
  • Law of Torts
  • Contracts
Grab them for free from here.

PS - Save paper and do not print these notes.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

All Nighters, No More!!!

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lawschool life

Well, no more. Presenting the Basics of Law series, which will make your life as easy as you want it to be. Taking law the tech way, these small applications will change the way you did that last minute study. Now, both on Torts and Jurisprudence.

Dealing point wise with every topic that your curriculum may have, the apps offer a no frills user interface with no popping ads. The apps also mention the important case laws with citations and also the point of law laid down in them, whenever required.

So, no all nighters and you pass as well! Whoever said life can’t be easy, maybe was not having a smartphone!  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Enhance Your Office Experience – Tabs in Word, Beautiful PPTs, Automated Proofreading and much more

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It’s a product which we use everywhere and we will tell you the tricks to take the experience a notch higher!
MS Office has become indispensable part of many of our lives (Open Source just died a silent death somewhere?)  Though office on its own is pretty complete in itself I would tell you here of some add-ons which will take your Office experience to the next level. I would be mainly focusing on Word and PowerPoint in this article as these two software are what mainly used by legal fraternity.

Yet to get that law firm job, Outlook will come after that ;)

Automated Proofreading – Remember that time when your supervisor at your internship took your case because of that missed comma/bad formatting/ misspelling etc. We all hate Grammar Nazis, don’t we?  At least I hate them for sure.  (Pro tip – When confronting a Grammar Nazi, softly say to them, “There, their, they’re”) So now to avoid this not so welcome situation, I offer you Ginger. Yeah sounds funny name for a proof-reader but believe me it’s a life saver. Ginger has many medicinal benefits, the first one being that it saves you from headache.
But do remember that Ginger at the end of the day is a software prone to err, use your brain before accepting the recommended changes by the software. Add Consistency Checker to Word and your formatting is also taken care of.

ginger proofreading app for ms word

Tabs in Office – We all love Tabs, don’t we? One of the most horrid aspects of MS Office and especially word is that each document opens in a different window making use multiple windows simultaneously a PITA. Well we have a solution here all you need is Office Tab and you are good to go.

office tab

Better Presentation – I suck at making presentations. I am pretty sure there are many of you who fail miserably when it comes to making an attractive PowerPoint presentation.
Yes, we all dream of that powerful and beautiful board-room presentation, even though it’s going to be presented in class.

I have a way out! Add Visual Bee to PowerPoint make a simple PPT and click on enhance PPT. Select a nice theme and you are good to go. Alternatively you could also use import PowerPoint in Prezi and come up with an attractive flash based presentation in a single click.

Flowcharts – Remember that Property or Family case law which had more parties to the case than characters in the Lord of the Rings? The only way to remember who was who was by making a flowchart. Lucidchart and Gliffy Diagrams are two great free add-ons which let you make complex flowcharts in MS Word. Yes, absolutely free!

Citation Management – One bane that legal writing suffers from is citation. Often I found easier to write a legal paper than correctly cite it. These guidelines are so stringent that it takes forever to cite only. The details are too many, italicize the author’s name, and write this in upper case, that in lower case and so on. Zotero is the solution. Just feed the basic info to Zotero and it will generate the correct citation for you.  (I personally prefer CiteThisforMe for one or two citations). Zotero’s integration with MS Word is quite handy and makes life a bit easier. Mind you, just a little bit J

zotero at work

Dictionary – How about Merriam Webster Dictionary, integrated in MS Word itself? You know what the best part about it is, it’s completely free and yes, it’s authoritative too.

Drafting – Ever heard of legalzoom the legal documentation website? Well, you have now.  They have created a free nifty addon for MS Word which provides common templates used for drafting. (You could also check out kagzaat, a simple legal documentation site).

Note – Some of the suggested apps above may not be compatible with your version of MS Office.

If you liked this, do also check our series on enhancing your web browser over here and here.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Using Macros – Making Life Easier

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The big question is what are macros?
Well macros are set of repetitive instruction that help you do the job faster.
Well so without further ado lets begin

So in order to explain how Macros work I am gonna teach you how to make a macro that could do multiple kind of formatting option in one go
i.e. from 'I love this blog' à 'I LOVE THIS BLOG ' (Yeah all this with one single command)

In Word 2010 Go to View and click on Record Macros (I am guessing its same for Word 2007 but if its not then please figure it out) 

Name macro anything just don’t give spaces in between it should be one word only. Basically keep it simple and don’t try to add special character etc as you might get an error.
Type a description if you want. 

Now click on keyboard and assign a shortcut key. I am going to assign it Alt+M. To assign shortcut key , press required key/key combination in box and click on assign.

Now when you press close you will see the mouse pointer attached to a macro symbol.

Now comes the real job. So suppose you want to change text to small caps. Now lets set rules first say you want this text to be bold, underlined, and small caps. Lets do that. Go to your font panel and click on bold, then click on underlined optioned. Now select the desired font and size.  Then click on font ribbon. And select the ‘small caps’ option. 

Should look like this.

Now go to Macro and select Stop Macro.

That’s all. Now you are done just select any text and press Alt+M or the shortcut key you had typed assigned to the Macro.

Think up of some innovative uses of Macros and let us know about them here.

Also in case you want to script macros grab a free sample chapter of Macro Cookbook click here.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Speed Up My PC

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I am agnostic. The only time I pray is before starting my computer!
Well, not sure if God exists or not but your computer can be made faster for sure! So keep your god troubles aside, read on! And no need to jump out of the window till the time your windows starts up. It’s a small step, but a giant leap for the speed of your computer

Clean Up that Junk – Delete all the junk from your PC. Remove any unwanted software and delete media files which you do not need.  Use Revo Uninstaller if any program is giving you trouble during its uninstallation. Use Duplicate Cleaner  to automatically delete duplicate of video, music and other files.

Remove Startup Processes – Press Windows Key + R and you will get the run dialog. Type 'msconfig' (without quotes) in it and press enter. Alternatively, you could type msconfig in Start menu’s search box. Then Click on Startup tab.  Untick all the software you don’t want at the startup. Some Popular choices you might want to remove are Microsoft Office, Adobe Products, Google Update, etc. Press Apply, then Ok and then restart the PC. After restart. Go to C:\Windows\Prefetch and delete all files. Press continue if Windows stop you from accessing the folder.

mscongif dialog utitlity

Extensive Cleanup – Use CCleaner and run the Cleaner and Registry Tool.

Use Alternatives – Use Foxit Reader instead of Adobe Reader, VLC instead of other heavy media players, Open or Libre Office instead of MS Office.  

Disable the Aesthetics – Go to My Computer à Properties à Advanced System Settings (In Windows 7, last option on panel on left)  à Performance Settings à Select Adjust for Best Performance à Apply à Ok.

Turn Unwanted Windows Features à In Windows 7’s Start Menu type ‘Turn Windows Feature On or Off’ (without quotes) and open it. Remove unwanted services such as ‘Indexing’ if you don’t use search option much (Disabling indexing doesn’t disable search but merely slows it down, if your PC is running slow it’s not worth keeping it ticked until and unless you make at least 5-10 searches every day.), ‘Tablet PC Components’ if you don’t use one,  ‘XPS Services’ and ‘XPS Viewer’ which you neither use and nor will in the future. Depending upon your usage you could also disable ‘Windows Gadgets’ and ‘Internet Explorer’.

Terminate Unwanted Processes (Only for Advanced Users) à Use Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and terminate all unwanted processes running in background. Another useful utility which could be used instead of Task Manager is Process ExplorerThe Golden rule here is to not end any process which has its user as ‘SYSTEM’.

Malware – Even after doing all the above if the problem still persist either you are using a PC older than your age or there might be a malware. Use Malwarebytes and see if this is the issue.

Antivirus – Use some lightweight antivirus. Personally I am using Avira Free and have found it to be par if not better to other free or paid alternatives. Remember whatever Antivirus you use it’s useless if you don’t update it regularly.  (Read our series on how to get the best security suite for free here.)

Format – Nothing works? This is always an option. Format the drive and do a clean install of the Windows.  Though likelihood of you needing to resort to format is quite low if you have followed the above steps.

I am sure if you followed all the steps mentioned above then you will observe a significant change in its performance. If not either you are doing something wrong or you are lying. Yes if this doesn’t help nothing can.

If this honestly doesn’t help maybe it’s time you start saving for an upgrade or a new PC altogether. Best Wishes!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Technolyser Series – Making Facebook Less Intrusive & Knowing Your Rights Part 2

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This is the second post on Facebook in our series Technolyser. (Previous post here) Last time we had just stopped short of discussing Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. So we are gonna begin from where we left. Without much ado let’s start with Clause 2(1) which under the heading ‘Sharing Your Content and Information’ states that
subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.

facebook privacy

Not much can be done here. Easy fix is that you change the privacy of any post (Hereinafter post includes comment/photo/video) you don’t want to be available to the world at large to ‘only me’ or ‘friends only’.
Clause 2(2) states that even after you delete your account Facebook may retain some of your post for a reasonable period of time in their backup.

Muddy waters begin from Clause 2(4) which gives Facebook the permission to use your name, profile picture, information etc.  in connection with commercial. So liking that Porn Star’s Page does not seem the best idea if you don’t want something like ‘John Doe and 17 other friends like XXX. Click to like this page’ to pop in your friends’/relatives’/siblings’ feed.

Things get even more interesting from Clause 2(5) onwards where Facebook can unilaterally change its terms and will notify them on its Facebook Site Governance page instead of individually notifying you like Google and your continued use of Facebook for 7 days after change in terms will amount to your acceptance to the new terms. So do like this page so that you are notified every time Facebook changes its policy not that you care.

Clause 2(6) provides for a Forum Selection Clause and states that all disputes are subject to U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California or a state court located in San Mateo County and laws of State of California will govern the Statement. You need not worry much about this as Indian Courts are not much fan of such provisions and one could always invoke cases like Modi Entertainment Network v. W.S.G. Cricket PTE. Ltd. [(2003) 4 SCC 341] where it was held that “in an exceptional case for good and sufficient reasons, with a view to prevent injustice in circumstances such as which permit a contracting party to be relieved of the burden of the contract.” Not being able to go to US to file a lawsuit seems a sufficient reason enough apart from the fact that it takes away the jurisdiction of Indian courts something I doubt Indian judges would appreciate.

Clause 2(7) takes your consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States. Nothing much you could do in this regard and anyway it doesn’t matter much with NSA spying on you through Heartbleed (bug in OpenSSL encryption) since several years anyway.

To tell you more, Facebook is also fighting a legal battle in India, K.N. Govindacharya v. Union of India ,W.P. (C) NO.  3672/2012, Delhi High Court. The case has helped in getting grievance officer which you could contact here. To see how legal research can be done, please refer to our earlier post.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Technolyser Series – Making Facebook Less Intrusive & Knowing Your Rights Part 1

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Hi, are you on Facebook? Me too! Well not much of a coincidence that, right? Nowadays everybody uses social networking sites be it be Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Virtual storage is being preferred over physical storage thanks to free alternative such as Dropbox/ Sky Drive/Google Drive and TV has been replaced by Youtube /Vimeo/ Dailymotion.  I could go on but the point I am trying to make is that technology has become a part of our life and almost every time we use this technology we often unknowingly part with some of our essential rights such as PRIVACY. 

Well Technolyser is our new series where we will analyse the contract i.e. EULA (End User License Agreement) of popular websites and software and tell you that how the terms affect you.
Also comes free advice to see how you can get better of it!

facebook privacy

So we should begin with Facebook’s Data Use Policy.  Now in the ‘Other websites and applications’ section under the ‘About social plugins’ section Facebook states
We receive data when you visit a site with a social plugin. We keep this data for a maximum of 90 days. After that, we remove your name and any other personally identifying information from the data, or combine it with other people's data in a way that it is no longer associated with you.

Whaat? Every site you visit which has a like/share/recommend/Facebook connect (login) etc. button is recorded by Facebook. I mean this is totally ridiculous! To some extent what I do on Facebook is Facebook’s business but snooping on my browsing activities even when I am not using Facebook is not only unethical but totally out of the line. The fix is either to surf internet only when you have logged out yourself of Facebook and cleared all cookies or install Disconnect Plugin from here (Chrome) or here (Firefox). All you need to do is install the plugin and Disconnect takes care of the rest blocking any request by Facebook/Google etc. to track your activities.

Next comes you being responsible for sharing your information with third party apps. Pretty obvious in my opinion.  My advice to you is open the Apps Settings and remove any unneeded or suspicious app. Also remove any junk apps like ‘Who is your Crush’ etc. most of these apps are just there for stealing your data. And it’s time to grow up maybe, you can’t realistically be told about how many years you have left, so please apps like how much are you going to live are complete trash.

 Also you have the option on this page to remove your profile from being indexed by Search Engines, do that if you don’t want your profile to come in search result over Google or Bing.

Next in line is Information we receive and how it is used where under the heading ‘Other information we receive about you’ Facebook states that
Sometimes we get data from our affiliates or our advertising partners, customers and other third parties that help us (or them) deliver ads, understand online activity, and generally make Facebook better. For example, an advertiser may tell us information about you (like how you responded to an ad on Facebook or on another site) in order to measure the effectiveness of - and improve the quality of - ads.

This basically means so every time you interact with an ad you will be targeted even more. Notice how when you visit an e-commerce site say Flipkart for buying an iPad, subsequent to that you come across ads selling iPad at a cheaper price. This is the same thing. The fix is to not interact with these ads. Even better would be to block these distracting ads altogether. (Learn to block these ads here).

Something interesting I came across was on Facebook Pages Terms which prohibits page administrator from inaccurately tagging content or encouraging users to inaccurately tag content (II D – Tagging). So next time a moron tags you to an idiotic image saying ‘friends are forever’ apart from removing the tag do remember to report the page if it asks people to tag people unnecessarily.

Next comes Cookies, pixels and other similar technologies where Facebook informs us that cookies amongst other things are used to deliver, understand and improve advertising. Not of some real help that, right?  Use some good Cookie Manager and remove cookies from time to time. Get Cookie manager for Chrome and Firefox.

So that’s all for now in the next Post I will analyse the Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.  Meanwhile let me know if you found this post helpful and if you want more of such stuff.

Read our second post on the series here.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Protect Your PC for free

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Prevention is better than cure! And trust me, you don’t want to lose everything on your computer

Doesn’t matter if you are a lawyer or a budding lawyer. Does not even matter if you are lawyer at all! Need to protect those important documents? Bought an expensive software (Security Suite) to protect your PC. Is it sufficient? Unfortunately no!  

You may well be paying 1000 quids or more for a security system which might not be even sufficient for complete protection of your PC. Read on to know how you could build your own security suite, complete with all invincible security features for free.

Antivirus – There are many antivirus in the market nowadays, Bitdefender and Kaspersky have the highest detection rate but I don’t think you don’t need them until and unless you are running a bank. (I am not kidding). Even if you are a hotshot lawyer free antivirus are more than what you need. AVG, Avast, Panda, and Avira are some of the options. In my opinion Avira >> AVG >> Avast (Haven’t tried Panda)

Firewall – Though Windows Firewall is pretty good but if you really need something solid then nothing comes around Comodo Firewall.  Tinywall and Zonealarm are other options but Comodo is the best.

Malware – Malware are nasty pieces of code whose only purpose is to make lives miserable. Worthy contenders to be installed on your computers are Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool, Spybot Search & Destroy, HijackThis. However nothing even comes close to Malwarebytes.

Anti Spam –Use Mail Washer Free. It’s free and is intuitive. It works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Incredimail, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, GMail, Hotmail and every other email program. Free version support only one email address.

Web Protection / Parental ControlK9 Web Protection  could be used to block web sites in more than 70 categories, including pornography, gambling, drugs, violence/hate/racism, malware/spyware, phishing.

Once you have all of the above mentioned and you don’t have the world after you, nothing should harm you. In fact, this combination is better than a paid alternative as we are using the best of everything. All you need to do is regularly update your security system as well as operating system (I am assuming Windows). 


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Alternate Search Engine

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Can sword do the work of a needle?

In an era when Google is used for making a search on the internet, how will you respond when we tell you that there are some other specialised search engine which perform better than Google?

Without further ado let’s roll!

1) Buy Books OnlineIndia Book Store is a specialised search engine which searches for a book on the leading online stores and show you it in nicely sorted tiles. Apart from regular search it also support search by ISBN number. It also includes an offer page featuring available deals, a blog for bookworms, frequent giveaways and rating of different online stores.

indian book store search engine

Update: Chrome & Firefox Extension – Install this extension to compare price of different products across multiple shopping websites.

working extension on flipkart

2) Buy Cellphone Online – Look no further than 91mobiles it is the Indian GSMArena with the ability to find the cheapest price available for a particular cell phone. Their smartphone buying guide is quite interactive and useful. While providing the cheapest price it also consider the running offer on the site. Quite useful I say!

3) Free Movies on YouTubeZero Dollar Movies is an interesting concept. It lets you search free movies on YouTube using parameter as year and language (Currently 4: English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu).

4) Offline Search – Text your query to 55444 and you will get the result. Innoz is more than a mere search engine it also performs translation, chatbot, English tutor and much more. JustDial is another option for business queries; call them at 08888888888.

5) Wolfram Alpha – We don’t know how to best describe Wolfram Alpha.  It’s a computational search engine which means that when you feed in a query it tries to infer it using artificial intelligence and give you an appropriate information unlike Google which will give you link to webpages which may have that information. I strongly urge you to visit it here to know more about this amazing piece of technolawgy (Did I spell it wrong my bad) (Self-promotion).

6) Anonymous Search – Don’t want the search engine to remember your search history. Use DuckDuckGo and search anonymously. In several aspects it is also different from Google for instance try searching ‘simpsons characters’ (without quotes) on it.

7) Deals – Simple and straightforward CouponDunia gets you a deal on anything and everything you could buy online.

8) Indian Cases -  Indiankanoon,  Res Ipsa Loquitur .

9) TorrentsTorrentz and Isohunt

10) Movies & TV ShowsIMDB & Rotten Tomatoes, enough said!

11) Apparels – For the supermodel in you FashionNet does more than a good job.

12) Recipes – For the love of food! Yummly!!!

13) Home Appliances and Everything ElseJunglee, CompareIndia, MySmartPrice, are some of the search engine which index Indian online retailers.

14) Computer Parts – Going for an upgrade check out this custom search engine created by an Erodov forum member, ‘chesss’. It covers most of the major online vendors such as SMC International, ITDepot etc.

15) Research – Cause going back to Google (Scholar) is inevitable. (Learn to Google better)

High chances you are using Chrome, are you?


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Make your plate bigger, Double Your Bandwidth – For College Internet Connections

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Note - In case your network administrator heavily censors your access to internet, download our free guide to bypass censorship from here.

Is your internet slow? Is it networked by some college IT administrator? If yes, we have the cannon you need! However this system only works if your Wifi allows you to connect your cellphone or any other electronic device (Tablet) to the college internet. Also the device should support  USB tethering (We are trying to make it work with WiFi Hotspot as well).

I will be using an android phone for this. First of all we need to install Connectify Dispatch which is a paid software and comes bundled with Connectify Hotspot. Download it from here, a feature limited free trial is available. The software is worth paying, however the world is full of alternatives.  

Disclaimer: This blog actively discourage any form of piracy except plagiarism maybe, writing 5,000 words is a pain in the posterior

Now connect your mobile phone to Wifi and then connect the phone to computer USB Tethering (It varies with each device figure out for your device how to do this part, just Google it. To Google better read this article, and yes, you will improve your legal research skills too). USB Tethering also prevents phone’s battery from getting drained out. 

usb tethering
USB Tethering on HTC One

Now start Dispatch and you will see that it combines your Laptop Wifi Connection with your mobile connection.

connectify dispatch

  • You could use multiple devices, more the devices more the speed.
  • This will only improve browsing speed and speed of torrents.
  • If you add multiple devices the speed will increase accordingly. 
  • This will not improve your download speed.
  • This will not fasten up your streaming speed. (But for some reason beyond me YouTube works faster with this)
  • Your download limit if any remains same, keep that in mind.

There is a line, aim for the sky, you will at least reach the roof. We just did it ;)


Friday, March 21, 2014

Automatization with IFTTT

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Have not heard about it? I bet you are missing out on a lot.

IFTTT is an acronym for ‘if this then that’. IFTTT is a web automation app which helps to automatize several day to day chores. It uses ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’ to automate a process.

Sounds a bit too geeky? Nay, it’s super easy. And you will be taught all this, the best way!

Let’s say that I want a text message every time this blog gets updates.  So first of all, I need the URL for RSS feed of this blog which is this link

1. Now create an account on IFTTT and using your account credentials, login.
2. Click on ‘Create a Recipe’. This screen will appear. Click on this.
if this then that
3. ‘Choose trigger channel’ menu will appear, scroll down till you see Feed icon.
trigger channel
rss feed channel ifttt
4. Click on feed. On choose a trigger option.  Click on new feed item.
5. In Feed URL, enter the RSS feed URL of the desired website. Our blog feed is available here, Legally India, BarandBench. News sites give you feed category wise and you could subscribe to individual categories. Here are some places you could get RSS feed link of news feeds BBC, Times of India, The Hindu.
rss feed url
6. Click on Trigger.
7. Click on that.
if this then that ifttt
8. In choose action channel, scroll down till you see SMS.
sms action
9. Click on it. Now when you will be using Action first time you will need to activate it. So IFTTT will ask for your phone number and will send a verification code on it. It’s quite simple and you will surely manage that part easily. Once done, proceed ahead.
10. Now in ‘Choose an Action’ click on ‘Send me an SMS’.
11. Now you could alter your SMS content. Best left untouched if you don’t understand what stands for what. 
rss feed content

12. Click on ‘Create Action’.
13. Click on ‘Create Recipe’.
14. You are done. I mean the task is.
15. What now? If you want to subscribe to our blog updates via SMS, here is ready to use recipe link. 

This is not even 1% of what IFTTT is capable of. Below are some interesting uses

Every time you are tagged in a photo on Facebook automatically save it to Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive .

Every time somebody follows you on Twitter, automatically thank them with a tweet using this recipe.

Get a text message before it rains or get weather updates daily for free.

Save all your Gmail Attachments directly to Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive.

Automatically save your list of ‘watch later’ videos of YouTube to Pocket or Evernote.

Get publicly loved music on SoundCloud to your Google Drive or free music of to Dropbox.

Using this recipe, get a mail every time is new book is added to Kindle Top 100 Free eBooks.
iPhone users could backup their contacts to a Google Spreadsheet or send a "Nice to meet you!" email to new contacts.

Get the weekly top ten bit torrent downloads from Torrent Freak in your Gmail account using this recipe. Or better use this recipe to get a mail every time Yify uploads a new torrent.

There is world to explore on IFTTT. Go check it out. Be nice. Continue reading us!

IFTTT’s action call doesn’t work in India.
To receive text messages make sure your number is not in the Do Not Disturb (DND) list.